51 most Common Social Networking sites Abbreviations and meanings

· Social Media

Almost of the internet users are using social neworking sevices and when we communicate,we want to use abbreviations not a full sentence or words.Here I’ve writed 51 common abbreviations and their meanings ,it will really help to you.


  1. ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  2. ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location
  3. B4: Before
  4. B4U: Before You
  5. BRB: Be Right Back
  6. BTW: By The Way
  7. B/W: Between
  8. Cuz: Because
  9. FB: Facebook
  10. FYI: For Your Info
  11. GM: Good Morning
  12. GN: Good Night
  13. GNASD: Good Night and Sweet Dreams
  14. IDK: I don’t Know
  15. IM: Instant Message
  16. JK: Just Kidding
  17. K: Okay
  18. L8: Late
  19. LOL: Laugh out Loud
  20. LMAO: Laugh my ass of
  21. LMFAO: Laugh my f**king ass off
  22. LMK: Let Me Know
  23. L8r: Later
  24. M/F? : Male or Female?
  25. Msg: Message
  26. OMG:Oh My God
  27. Pls: Please
  28. Plz: Please
  29. PM me: Private Message me (send me a Private Message)
  30. Ppl: People
  31. r: are
  32. Rly: Reply (can also be used Really)
  33. SD: Sweet Dreams
  34. tht: that
  35. Thx: Thanks
  36. Tnx: Thanks
  37. Txt: Text
  38. TY: Thank You
  39. Ttly: Talk to you later
  40. u: you
  41. ur: your
  42. u’ll: you will
  43. wtf:  What the f**k
  44. wth: What the hell
  45. zzz: Sleeping
  46. LLNP:Long Life And Prosperity
  47. HBD:Happy Birthday
  48. H:Hello
  49. I:Hi
  50. G2G:Got to Go
  51. IDK:I don’t Know

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