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Social media channels, integration for businesses and going viral to promote yourself or your company’s services or products can be achieved through Facebook. The portal is a lot of things to a lot of people and everyone wants in on the platform, for a number of reasons and for a number of potential outcomes. Given the recent activities and the controversy in regard to shares marketing, we thought it would be a nice time to draw the attention to some of the positive things that you can achieve with Facebook.

Everyone seems to know what is best and what is best avoided when it comes to socializing on the platform, and the number of “experts” is always increasing and always reaching new spheres. But for the most part, there are a few tips that have a proven track record of actually working and of actually doing something for you, an individual or representative of a company.
We have split this feature in 2 parts: part one is about the tips and tricks that will do wonders about you, as an individual on Facebook. How to create a great page for you, what information to share and what is best avoided how you can use Facebook to draw in interest for you and even gain the upper hand when it comes to finding a job. Part 2 will focus on companies, strategies and methods that use Facebook as a tool for promotion.

So let’s start with Facebook for the individual.
Facebook is best when it can draw in the attention from the people that you actually need, or want something from. Although not a business platform in the sense that LinkedIn is , there are many opportunities to create a viable image for yourself and to make a difference. Many people will check your profile and the way you organize it, the information that you chare and the things that you like will all make a difference. Here’s a few thing to avoid:

Don’t pitch for jobs on your front page: It is very unlikely to be contacted by someone for a job if you use Facebook as if it were your personal CV and intention letter. Theo only way to draw in attention from potential employers is to actually simply state what you studied, and where you currently work. Don’t post insulting or strong opinions about employers past or present; if you don’t enjoy the work you’re currently doing that is not something that you want your potential employers to know.
Avoid very personal pictures/stories: Some people share their entire life on Facebook, pictures of themselves in their homes, pictures of them inebriated, stories that you wouldn’t want to hear as a stranger just making your acquaintance. It is true that it is great to be outgoing, sincere and personal, but there is a fine line that you should never cross, you will only make yourself look like a fool and will draw a negative feedback from the people around.
Avoid extreme formality as well. You know these types of profiles. One passport like picture, a minimum of details about the person. These type of profiles simply are unappealing and will keep the people away from you. There are variations where the pictures or content shared is again extremely formal, takes no time to consider the actual space in which the communication takes place. In truth, you need to define yourself in your profile and that is a balancing act rather than anything. It’s somewhere between very personal and formal, but in no way extremes of these two categories.

When you create your profile, simply ask yourself who you are and what it is that you want people to think about you. Do you want to define yourself through your work, your passions, and your family? Pick one and let the story be told through the pictures you upload, the content that you upload. Make it engaging, fun, share things that are valuable to you, but always leave your audience wanting for more, otherwise you won’t reach the desired effect.

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