Retirement Planning: What are needed to retire from works/jobs

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Proper wealth planning can cover many diverse matters. It has to cover from the basic health insurance till the inheritance tax planning and more, but among all these planning; the retirement planning is the most vital aspect among your financial plans, as after all you have to rely on this after your working period. No matter how much you earn or succeed, but without a proper retirement planning, your life will turn out to become a tough journey. So to stay independent and to stay on their own foot even after retiring is the motive of all the individuals. How to manage this Retirement planning depends on number of factors. Nowadays, all the companies be it the government based one or the private ones, all of them are offering their employees’ pension scheme, which will be given to them after they retire. Do you think this pension will be enough to suffice the day to day affairs in the future? Obviously not, as we grow old, so do our circle of people and requirements, so planning out for retirement during the bright days becomes all the more necessary. And so to live a healthy and wealthy life after retirement, calls for a proper retirement planning. Today’s senior citizens want to enjoy a productive, active and entertaining life, during their last years, so they lay more importance for their retirement.

During the working years, each and every individual will be busy running after their daily chore and obligations and hence will be unable to concentrate on their passions, travels and hobbies etc, so retired time is the phase where one can take upon all these undone activities, which you always wanted to do. Spending more time with family, travelling, enjoying in the garden works are few of the pleasurable moments which you have to cherish. So in order to satisfy all these activities, you have to plan from the day you start working. Accepting the retirement life gracefully makes life more wonderful, and it will be wonderful, if only your income is adequate enough to support you and your counterpart. And with the inflation, what income was sufficient during your 50s will not be sufficient during your 70s, so it becomes a necessity to multiple your income.

The first and foremost thing which you have got to think of is the pension projection. This pension has to be received from both the state pension department (Employees Pension) and also from the private pension schemes which you had contributed for personally. When you are working, have a look at the debts you owe, and see to it that you clear off all the debts before you retire. Don’t carry these debts to your retirement period, whatever the situations may be. Also clear off all the mortgages if you got any. Normally just only the State Pension given will not be a sufficient income for the retired person, and so it becomes all the more important to look out for a private pension scheme. The government itself is actually encouraging the citizens to construct their own pension funds, by providing generous tax incentives and rebates. The amount from these pensions can be drawn totally in lump sum, which is tax free, or can be drawn monthly as the scheme may be. Apart from this, any payments made from your side, will clearly qualify for the tax relief. Almost all the pension schemes provide the tax relief at source that entails that you got to pay only the net amount. For Example, for a Scheme where you have to pay $100, the contribution cost from your side will require only $80 or so, a hefty savings right?

So the early you start planning for the retirement, the more you will be benefitted. Even if you start a bit late, it is not an issue, start considering planning, as “It is better now, than never” . Now, there are number of amendments made in the pension scheme, as per this new policy, even if you start to invest at a later stage, the overall money you will receive after retirement will be the same as with the people who started to contribute at an early stage. This means you have to contribute more, in case you start contributing at the later stage.

Plan For Your Health
To have a happy and long retired life, your health becomes as important as your money, so scrutinize your general health condition and maintain it in a hale and healthy condition. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, by having an intake of balanced diet, proper nutritious food, and go in for regular exercises. In case, you show negligence to your health condition at the young age, then the pension you receive will be used to pay off only for your health bills and will not be sufficient for any other needs / requirements, as you start to age. Apart from this, you may even think of taking out few health insurance policies. Even though the NHS is there, to take care of all our health issues, we all have to accept the reality that future is unpredictable and we can’t wait for treatment, so it is better to hold a health insurance too. And moreover, many of the senior citizens wish to retire abroad, and if this is the situation, then you need to have adequate private health insurances. One more insurance that can be considered is the long term care insurance, in which we will get the necessary health and care for the life time.

Moving House
With the unbelievable price rise of the houses, that has been shooting up in the market, many people would be staying or will be possessing a valuable house, so to make a sensible retirement planning, think off selling this pricy house and move over to a cheaper and smaller house, and also consider to downsize the current expenditure and invest this amount in your pension.
To conclude, there is never too late to start anything, particularly when it is retirement planning, so segregate your finance properly and plan out for a healthier and secured retired life.

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