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Whether you’re interested in watching movies online, uploading your own content or embedding them on your site, the following will be a guide to how to proceed in each of those circumstances. There are a lot of online streaming video sites, some very specific in their content, others that allow everyone to upload with nothing else than a few discrete direction as to what would be allowed. So, without further ado, let us look at the video platforms online.


Everyone is aware of YouTube by now, but, since this is a guide for dummies, we will also cover this one. Since its launch, the site has seen a few changes. Some of the most notable include the integration of partner channels, such as VEVO or other streaming services that are stricter in their upload policies and contents. Other than that, the user experience has become a little more streamlines, with some appreciable facelifts that make the browsing of channels, continuous play and other features more prominent and more user-friendly.

Uploading has also seen a few twists to the original recipe, particularly the amount of space allowed to a regular user. Also, the users that post successful original content will get the chance to get remunerated. However, the videos that receive too much negative comments or down votes will not be eligible, so, even if you have a lot of views, if the content is appreciated as negative by the community, it won’t help you generate any revenues.

Among all other video platforms available online, this is the easiest to share your content on. That means that a lot of content will be available but the only if it is considered as interesting, it will go viral and lead to massive hits. In the mean time the YouTube sensation was born, which can be anything from a talented (or less so! Justin Bieber) singer, crazy stuntmen, or some other people that get caught on tape doing unbelievable things. Another interesting category is that of very specific videos, such as animations, “enhanced” reality videos (heavily edited videos grounded in real life).

The platform has been around for less time than YouTube but due to stricter regulations, the content is considered largely more mature and coming from more talented or experienced posters. There are larger fees for those that want to upload their content, and the categories are also more specific. The site is perceived as an artist’s space, where artistic expression is encouraged and other “junk” materials are not allowed.

In terms of uploading, the situation from a technical standpoint is quite simple, the only notable difference is in the amounts that need to be paid to post after a certain limit is exceeded. There have been cases where content was erroneously removed and accounts were deleted for no clear reason, but, overall, the site continues to attract a lot of posters and a lot of people looking for an audience for their content.

Expect more polished content, better presentation and a more clean aspect to the site. The advertisements are less prominent and the design is cleaner, more sleek and tidier. In certain parts of the world, the videos will be available faster, but, of course, it also depends a lot on your specific data plan or monthly internet subscription.

This site is geared more heavily toward monetization and thus the content may sometimes be very specific. Guides, walkthroughs, DIY and other types of specific content will be available. The content that is allowed is somewhere in between YouTube’s lax regulations and the very strict posting rules that govern Vimeo. If you’re a specialist looking to sell your professional videos, this is the best way to go. Of course, you can also find movies, music and a bunch of other different videos that may not be geared towards being helpful. Also, a lot of the content is a direct copy of YouTube and therefore the chance to get less than original content is bigger here.

The Hulu platform was NBC’s manner of allowing TV contents to be streamed online as well. This, in turn, generates revenue for them and the viewers are able to watch current episodes of the network’s TV shows and other content that was initially designed for the small screen.

Hulu, however, no longer enables people to use the content on their blogs or sites, embedding has been denied, which, although understandable given the network exclusive content, is a little upsetting. Another issue that many people with slow or mobile connections don’t necessarily like is the mandatory 360p video resolution. This not only takes longer to load but it also has negative effects on 240p videos that are upscale. These become blocky, almost unwatchable over time. Of course, no content from third parties is allowed unless approved by the site.

Veoh is the rare bird kind of site as it offers content that was initially hosted on a number of networks. You can find content from many different networks and you can simply see whatever you like, when you want to. That of course is not the only content available. If you make an account, you will be able to post your own movies and the range of accepted materials spans for really different sectors of interest. You can find animations, user created videos, music, etc.

In spite of the fact that Veoh is newer, the streaming is excellent, there are less latency times even for the videos that are not considered a priority, namely the ones with very few view-counts. In terms of openness, the site also excels. All content is available as a download and you can pick and choose your own movies and create your own private collection of the things you most like.

Overall, the presented sites receive the biggest number of visitors, have content that is constantly being uploaded and commented by the community. Pick the site that you find most in tune with your taste or the site that offers the content that you are interested in at the moment.

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