A beginner’s guide for aquarium;fish

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A whole process includes purchasing the suitable aquarium and buying the appropriate fish for it. There are some important points that a beginner needs to know when planning to buy aquarium fishes. Rather on acting on impulse and buying an aquarium without finding out the complete details and information regarding it, the best option for the person is to understand about the best types of aquariums that are available. Because this is a long-term investment and the survival rate of fish depends upon the type of aquarium in which they are placed, it is necessary to make the correct decision regarding it.

Most of the people prefer to buy the aquarium and fish on the same day because they feel that it would be trouble searching for both of them on different occasions. However, on such circumstances, it is important for the person to be patient so that they can be satisfied by the results of their purchase. It is crucial to ensure that the aquarium is set up in a proper manner and is in its functional form because the fish are released in it. The size of the tank is important to consider because it determines the extent to which the temperature and other facts of the water will change. If a person does not have much space or cannot afford larger aquariums, they can select the smaller ones. However, it is also important to know that the performance of the larger tanks is much better in comparison to the smaller ones.
In a small tank, the water can change quickly to any variation in the temperature of the room. This sudden shift in the temperature in the water might be dangerous for the fish, specially the small ones. On the other hand, in larger tanks, the change in the temperature of the water takes place at a gradual pace. This allows the fish to adjust easily in this water and their safety in ensured. It is not only the aquarium, which is important, but there are other parts, which are significant in its proper operation. Filters for aquariums are necessary to keep the water clean at all times by getting rid of the waste that might accumulate in it. These filters help to eliminate the water particles that then keep the water clean and clean. In addition, the waste products of the fish need to be broken down and through biological filtration, bacteria are released which enable this proves to take place. These bacteria are not harmful to the health of the fish. With the help of filters, chemicals such as toxins, medications, dyes, ammonia, nitrate and phosphate are removed as well. Aquarium also requires the use of heaters to keep the temperature stable, especially for smaller tanks where the average reasonable temperature is 24-25 Celcius degrees.

It is important for people to know that the position of an aquarium also has a direct impact on the health of the fish and the accumulation of waste in water of the tank. If the tank is place at a place where the sunlight is able to reach it directly, then it will accelerate the process of growth of algae in the water of the tank. The tank should also not be placed near doors which are frequently opened and closed by passer-by’s because this might disturb the fish and even the temperature of the tank nor should it be placed near radiators or windows etc. Proper furniture is required on which this aquarium needs to be placed and it is necessary to ensure that the furniture is able to hold the weight of the tank and the water in it.
Beginners may also know about the accessories related to aquarium that can make them look more appealing. Even though the main purpose of this decoration is to influence its appearance but some of these materials can act as a refuge for fish, allowing them to feel more secure and protective and can even help in keeping the water at a stable and moderate temperature. Slate and lava rocks are some common rocks, which are helpful in acting as a shelter for fish, and they can keep their spawns in this place. Bogwood can allow fish to take refuge in it and may provide nutrition to some of the fish if placed in an aquarium. The beginners could also use real plants and plastic plants. Even though real plants have more benefits in terms of monitoring the temperature and providing oxygen to fish, plastic plants can be good shelter providers to them and it not difficult to maintain them. Sometimes, lights can be used increase the beauty of the aquarium. This light can be the source of energy to the real plants in the tank but even if there are no real plants, the lights can be used to view the fish and their shiny colors when the room is dark.

Once the aquarium is placed at a suitable location and all the necessary parts are installed, the next step is to add water to this tank. Water should not be splashed directly into the tank but be gently poured into it and a hosepipe is the best choice for this. If tap water is used, people mostly use chlorine to make it suitable for drinking. This water might not be suitable for the health of fish. Hence, if the water is chlorine, this should first be removed before adding it into the tank and an easy way to do this is done by letting the water stay stagnant for a day. Before buying the fish, their health should first be noticed by checking their fins and gills. The fish bag should be allowed to float in water for few minutes to equalize the temperature and fish should be added separately otherwise it could damage their health. Feeding of fish should be done carefully and overfeeding can be dangerous for them.

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