5 ways to make your homeworks easier

· Lifestyle

School’s bad enough without having to do homework too, right? But it needs to get done, and not just because your teachers get mad otherwise. Homework helps you understand things better, and gets you better marks in your exams.

So how do you get your homework done as fast as possible so you can get to the millions of more fun things there are to do? Check out these power-tips:

Tip 1: Get organized!

It sounds like a bad word, but getting organized is a BIG help.

  • Get a big calendar and write down what you have to do each day.
  • Write down when you have to submit assignments
  • Clean up your study space so there are no distractions

Tip 2: Defeat fear!

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes we don’t do our homework because it’s too scary. Here’s how to beat fear:

  • Break up huge assignments into smaller pieces and do one piece after the other
  • You don’t have to do everything at once. Decide what is most important and do that first.
  • Remember that EVERYONE gets things wrong sometimes

Tip 3: Don’t forget fun!

Having fun is important, but it could distract you from your schoolwork too. This is how to get the best of both:

  • Set aside an hour a day for fun. Finish your fun, and then get down to work (or the other way ‘round)
  • Get your parents to give you little rewards every time you finish an important bit of work
  • Keep a small snack with you while you work. But don’t eat too much!

Tip 4: Ask for help!

Nobody’s perfect. If you don’t know how to do something, asking is a great way of finding out.

  • Ask a close friend if you can’t figure out an assignment
  • Ask your parents for help in finding out where to find the solution
  • Ask your teacher. You’ll be surprised how willing they are to help you!

Tip 5: Get going!

We all look for excuses not to do our homework! But here’s how to get down to it:

  • Say out loud “I am doing my homework now.” Yes, it’s funny, but it works. Try it!
  • Think about how great it would feel to have finished all your homework.
  • Figure out what time of day you are most energetic at. Do your most difficult work at that time.

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