Custom Domain Name: what is its importance in a blog?

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When you create a free blog on blogger, you are been hosted in blogger but you are not having your own free domain. Let’s say for instance, you created a blog on blogger with the address as myblog, your blog address is automatically which is a sub-domain under the domain

Do you get it?

Now, when you convert the to then you have successfully owned your own domain name.

Now, you might be wondering

What is the importance of a custom domain?

First, I would start by saying a serious blogger would go for a custom domain. Yes you heard me right, I would strongly advice that you start with a custom domain as it comes with a lot of benefits.

  1. How else do you prove to search engines that you are for real? You are not just any body that creates a free blog and puts it on search engines.
  2. It gives value to your blog: Yes, having a custom domain makes a blog stand out. When you are using a custom domain its hard for your audience to tell if its a blog or a website but when using a sub-domain say it simply tells your readers that you are using a free blog.
  3. It helps rank better in search engines: When you make research on google, the top sites that appear mostly use a custom domain tho this strongly depend on what your search keyword is, but using a custom domain helps your ranking in search engines.
  4. Its easy to remember: how many of your blog readers will remember Yes some will but how about Isn’t that much more easier to recall? Sure it is.

More tutorials to come on this.


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