How to stay awake while working

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The evolution of software technology and multinational companies have made it possible to provide job opportunities to many a number, but have you observed most of the people have to take up the night shifts and sacrifice their sweet sleep in order to uphold their job. It becomes all the more essential for them to stay awake the whole night, or else they will be kicked off their job the very next day, in case they are caught sleeping in their night shift. Quite evident isn’t it? Why should any company pay for a person who comes and takes a nap at the office? Falling off to sleep can turn out to be really dangerous to one’s job career.

But you can’t avoid this sleep when your eyes turn off to become heavy, and you can hardly avoid yawning. And this is the time when you feel your office chair to be a heaven and a perfect sleeping place. You will naturally curl on and hit your sleep instantly. Initially to stay awake the whole night can become a tough job, but following few tips can bring you out of this awkward situation of sleeping at night work. Staying awake the whole night is rather a challenging task initially, but if you adhere to few steps you can master this night hours.
Initially you require to figure out what is the duration of time you are going to stay awake, whether it is for a short period or for a long period, so that you can adjust your day time accordingly. Normally there are two kinds of people who would stay awake; first the students who want to stay awake the night for studying or to do their project works, next type of people who are working and are employed in the night shift. Suppose you fall under the first category, then you need to plan ahead, because the students have to complete the project and get back to their school/college the succeeding day, so it will not make sense for them to stay awake the whole 24 hours.

So plan and make an evenly phased nap throughout the day time, let it be even for a few hours. These naps are called as power naps, and will give you the power to recharge your battery. After this short sleep, wake up immediately and don’t try to doze off again instantly. For the long term night awakers, you will have to sleep solidly for a minimum of eight to ten hours at the day time. Staying awake is not the issue but staying awake and performing something productive is the needed thing at this stage. During the day, even if the world goes up and down, going errands and making chores, you continue with your sleep for a solid ten hours. Go to your bed and sleep with your curtains closed, minus the disturbances.

Many of us think that only caffeine will keep us awake from sleep at the night, but this is just a myth, there are number of ways and tips to be followed to keep you awake during the night times. Consuming a lot of caffeine will lead to health problem. So if you want to battle fatigue without caffeine, change your style and follow the natural tips suggested on next page.
Take small and short naps: When you feel sleepy at night, just close your eyes and relax yourself, for a short duration may be five to ten or fifteen minutes, this short nap of ten minutes will bring out wonders for you and boost up your energy level.

Keep moving: Most of the detailed researches and examinations suggest the person, to keep on moving, or take a stroll when they feel sleepy. This sleepiness comes normally, when you have a heavy food or dinner. At this stage just have a walk around your place and fight the drowsiness away. This walking will give you the energy for the next two hours easily, since walking will make the oxygen to pump all around your body.

Have a healthy snack: It is a fact that normal people will start to consume sugar or sweetened food item to get immediate energy boosting, but to state the truth, it will only lead you to a crash. But, if you take the healthy snack, it will provide you a lasting energy for a longer period of time. Few of the healthy recommended snacks are: fruits, carrots, peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, yoghurt, celery and other low fat items.

Eye Rest: You will need to give your eyes a break, looking on continuously at the monitor or screen for hours together will cause eye strain, and it will lead you to drowsiness. So fight away from this, you need to take off your eyes from the screen and give a break to your eyes every now and then for few minutes at least. Relax your eyes.

Make a conversation: Engaging in a conversation, will bring a change to your mood and mind. Speak to your co-partners or co-workers of business, work related topics or on any other topics that will engage you. This is regarded as a firm behavioral stimulator, mainly if the subject you are discussing is of your key interest area.
Exercising: Do some breathing exercise, as this will enhance the level of oxygen in your blood, slacks the pulse rate, cuts down the blood pressure and enhances the circulation. As a result, this will aid your energy state and help you to perform productively. You have to breathe through the abdomen and not from the chest. Keep repeating this exercise, whenever you feel sleepy.

Brighten up the lights: Replace all the dim lights with brighter ones, since dim lights will provoke you to sleep. On the other hand, bright lights will make you to cut down your sleep and improve your vigilance.
Stay away from monotonous job: Performing monotonous tasks is merely harmful; a continuous work for 12 hours at a stretch can prove to be fatal to your health. Do the hard core works when you are not tired. If you feel tired and sleepy, try to switch to some engaging and interesting work.

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