The best sites for streaming musics

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Music industry faces deals with a financial crisis because of illegal file sharing and leaked albums that affects artists and music companies to a great extent. Music streaming sites have gained popularity and it is the place where you can legitimately listen to their favorite song, album and artist for free; sometimes before the official release date. In fact there are many free online music streaming sites, but on continuous usage you will know the real service of it, as it comes with some price. The most common and annoying limitation is with the page loading, as you will not be able to access the particular site from where you are, as a result of some copy right issue, and that is not the only common problem faced, there are in fact other restrictions, you will experience on the sites like you will have limitations in the songs you want to hear, or the selected music for the free accounts will be too small. But there are few sites, which offer premium quality in music streaming and comes absolutely free of cost without any sort of compromise.

Spotify: The Spotify happens to be the ruler of the music streaming, and this was launched during 2008. The data base of the Spotify is so enormous that it can provide you with any songs which you can’t even expect. It is designed and crafted with some useful features like the normal media players and has the tracks, artist, and playlists etc. The latest social media upgrading from the Spotify will now enable the listeners to share their preferences with their buddies. One can experience the total online music experience, as this streaming site provides the music fans with detail biography of the artist and they in fact suggest the listeners some listening functions. Previously the Spotify was available free of cost for one and all but now owing to certain constraints the free subscription now has been made as a paid one. The listeners can enter in only as a “Premium Subscriber” by paying the charges.
WE7: This music streaming site may not be user friendly or as comprehensive as the Spotify, still the WE7 is gradually making its name and place in the field of online Music streaming world. It is rising in popularity as it is able to provide the user with the most famous and recent list of songs and hence it is capturing the youth. In the recent past, the hits like the “United Nation’s of sound and “Plastic Beach” were all circulated across the net with the WE7 widget. It is not a paid site, so anyone can visit this music streaming site and listen to the latest songs for free of cost. This is one of the oldest music streaming site, still a pretty good one as it has got a picky list of band, musical genre and artist collections. One can enjoy listening right from the selected tracks. Even though it has got a limited collection, all the stuffs are high in quality and hence the listeners can discover new musical genres and artists.

Grooveshark: Grooveshark actually is the web based version of the site Spotify, boasting the similar functions, designs and usability. The Grooveshark will stream the audio which the other listeners have selected to upload, this facility however lacks in Spotify. The main aim of Grooveshark is to rescue the music field by generating a music fans community, wherein they will be able to share their favorites. It always comes out with the latest and popular collection of songs.
Fine Tune: Fine tune provides the favorite artist and the listeners can listen even to the radio station which plays the audio and similar other artists and one can even add the favorite play list to their list. And if you are searching for a bit more different, you can as well listen to the most famous radio stations through the Fine tune stations which will play the rock, pop, easy listening and even more. The Fine Tune is a great way to enjoy the greatest music collection and it is the simplified Wii version.
8 tracks: In the 8 tracks, the users can create their playlist and also listen to the collection of others. For creating a self playlist, the users have got to upload from their MP3’s and MP4’s. You can add any number of songs to the playlist as there is no limitation. The Mac users can gain from the uploaders, drag the songs straightly from the iTunes and place them on the desk top application to upload MP3’s. Each of the playlist should have a minimum of 8 tracks and a reversion to mixed tapes.
Sixty one: Sixty one is another music streaming site which is unique as it presents the music the way you require. The users have minimum control on the play back.
We are Hunted: This is the ideal streaming site for the people who want to remain on the top, as they have a flair for the latest trends. The constantly updated hundred songs / playlists comprise of the famous songs collection at a given point of time on the web.

Aupeo: Through the Aupeo music streaming site, the users can stream the audio on the basis of artists, genre, mood, personalized stations and more. When the listeners have a premium account they can experience high quality music files and un- interrupted play backs with the shortest adverts. Aupeo is similar to the in its features, and has the option to ban, love and append songs to the favorites.

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