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There is nothing difficult like facing an interview when you wanted a new Job or shift from present job. Some have a control frenzy mind dealing with it, but some will have a cluttered approach solely because of their anxiousness. It is better to stay calm and prepared to face the interview rather than messing up at the right moment. The preparation to the interview requires simplicity. You don’t need to have a flamboyant research and preparation for the interview; all you need to do is to target the profile which you are going to get interviewed for. Technically you should prepare yourselves in a rock solid manner and in general you need to keep an eye, as many people fail in focussing the general HR interviews. Many of us fail to do the preparation for General HR interview. Before facing an HR it is important that you should have to be well organized and prepared. There are also certain things that you should notice before attending an all important interview: “A professional attire and an attractive personality”. You should be bold enough while you approach the interviewer.

First and Foremost question an HR would put up to you would be “Are you currently looking for a job ?”, your answer will possibly be positive. Then he will ask about your experience and skills for the requirement. This is the most important part. The HR rule in this part is what the impression he gets at the first will stay forever in his mind, so if you fail to make that impression, mark it in your mind that you have failed the interview.
So the question goes like “Tell me about yourself”. You should be able to explain crisply about your profile, your platform of work and your detailed experience throughout the years. The unploughed flow in your speech defines your opportunity with the job. The bolder you are, the more your chances get increased. Never stop in the middle or break out. The detailing should be neat with the proper details of your previous job experiences. You should not mix up the prior experience details at any cost.
HR might ask one of the vital questions, “Why are you looking for a change?”. This has to be answered in a professional and ethical manner explaining why you are looking for a change. There should not be any irrelevant reasons, like location is too far, present job is pressurizing etc. Tasks at work are meant to be pressurizing, it’s up to you to work it out and you shouldn’t complain about this to the other employer. This will create a negative impression on you and on your organizational involvement. You should sound like professional in responding to this question. If you are answering like this “For better opportunity” you must be able to explain, what are all the “better opportunities that you are looking for?”.

When the HR asks “What is your current salary?”, you should have to present your salary in per annum or per month as requested by the recruiter / HR. This has to be important because the present salary determines your state in the market. If you are getting lesser salary you should have to be able to explain the reason for that. There may be many reasons such as you may get higher percentage of incentive or indirect benefits that are not included in the Payslip. You have to explain those in details when you are asked about the salary. This will provide leverage for you to negotiate the expected salary.
When asked about “What is your expected salary?”, you have to be on par with the market salary; if your requirement is below par HR might think that your skills are matching up to their mark. You also have to be careful in negotiating salary and the next appraisals, because once the interview is over, you cannot negotiate again. That won’t be professional.
Next comes the part about your joining date. Different people ask it in a different way, it may be “How soon can you be able to join” or “What is your notice period with present organization?”. Depending upon your market requirement you have to keep your confident level high and explain your mandatory service period at the present organization. This is one of the trickiest questions which recruiters implement to test the candidate. So you have to present it in a professional outlook with your answer. You should always express your most and exact convenient date when it comes to joining date. If you are not sure about the date, you just have to tell them that you will get back after confirmation from present company. This will be much better than changing joining date after getting appointment order.

You may also be interviewed for your personal life and ambitions. You have to put forth all about your family and what they do in orderly way. When it comes to ambition you have to be distinctive with it. Present your ambition that relates to the personal profile because a disturbed ambition will never sound good at the ears of Recruiter / HR.
Depending upon the recruiter and requirement you might also get questions such as rating yourselves with other employees in the market. This question is mostly beamed at you to test your guts and confidence level. You have to answer this question very honestly and with the best of your knowledge.
At any stage of the interview, the answers have to be overt and never sound covert. You have to be as frank as possible throughout the interview with the answers. Once you attain these things you can easily create a good impression in the interview which will help you to get the desired job easily.

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