A guide to learn Asp.net: Asp.net Introduction

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  1. ASP.NET is Microsoft’s dynamic website technology and it enabling developers to create data-driven websites using the .NET platform.
  2. The latest version of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology (ASP) is ASP.NET.
  3. In January 2002,ASP.NET version 1.0 was first released, with ASP.NET version 1.1 released in April 2003.In November 2005,Version 2.0 of ASP.NET was released .

What is ASP?

ASP is a server side scripting technology and it enables
scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet


  • is the Microsoft Technology
  • stands for Active Server Pages
  • is a program that runs inside the IIS
  • IIS:

  • stands for the Internet Information Services
  • comes as a free component with the Windows 2000
  • is also a part of Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack
  • The Option Pack can be downloaded from the Microsoft
  • PWS:

  • is a smaller – but fully functional – version of the IIS
  • can be found on your Windows 95 or 98 CD

What is an ASP File?

  • An ASP file is same as an HTML file
  • An ASP file can contain HTML,text,scripts, and XML
  • In an ASP file,scripts are executed on the server
  • An ASP file has file extension ".asp"

How does it works?

  • When a browser requests an HTML file, the server returns
    the corresponding file
  • IIS passes the request to the ASP engine on the server,when a browser requests an ASP file.
  • The ASP engine executes the scripts in the file and reads the file, line by line.
  • Finally, the ASP file is returned to the browser in the form of
    plain HTML page.

It would help to have a basic
understanding of Microsoft’s ASP technology,before you study ASP .NET.

What is ASP+?

  • ASP+ is same as ASP.NET.
  • When they developed ASP.NET,ASP+ is just an early name used by Microsoft.

What is ASP.NET?

  1. The latest version of ASP id ASP 3.0 is, but there will never be an ASP 4.0 version.
  2. ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP, but it’s not an upgraded version of ASP.For server-side ASP scripting,ASP.NET is an entirely new paradigm.
  3. ASP.NET is a component of the .NET Framework and Microsoft spent three years rewriting ASP.NET from the ground up, and ASP.NET is not fully backward compatible with ASP 3.0.
  4. In the next chapter of this tutorial,you can read more about the differences between ASP and ASP.NET .

.NET Framework

  1. For the Microsoft .NET platform,the .NET Framework is the infrastructure .
  2. For building, deploying, and running Web applications and Web Services,the .NET Framework is an environment.
  3. The .NET Framework contains common class libraries – like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows Forms – to provide advanced standard services that can be integrated into a variety of computer systems and a common language runtime.
  4. The .NET Framework provides an easy integration between a number of different development languagesa feature-rich application environment, simplified development and .
  5. The .NET Framework is language neutral and Currently it supports C++, C#, Visual Basic, and JScript (Microsoft’s version of JavaScript).
  6. For the .NET Framework,Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET is a common development environment.

Advantages of Using ASP.NET

1.Improving Development productivity by
reducing the lines of code to be written
by 70% and also most of the frequently required
code is now available out of the box.

2.To connect to new devices that may
emerge in the future ,ASP.NET is making easier to use with
existing devices like Web browsers, PDAs,
Cell phones and so on with a potential.

3. Increasing scalability and performance
for developing fast web
applications platforms by providing
facilities such as caching.

4. Simplifying the management and administration
of web applications

5.For Internet Service
providers,it Provides enhanced hosting

6.It ensures 100% backward

The team split the process of
enhancement into three different
parts:–Application services, Page
effects and Rich controls. They focused
on each of these parts to come up with
an application development platform that
is extremely and exciting developer


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  1. Amal Sutton

    ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP, but it’s not an upgraded version of ASP.For server-side ASP scripting,ASP.NET is an entirely new paradigm.

  2. OliverKramer

    There are various languages that every developer ought to study to be efficient. These languages include HTML, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, VB Script, VS.NET and even more.

    • Joyson Telem

      it is that Asp.net learners needs the knowledge of jsp,vbs,vs.net compulsorily.Thinking this, i write this post

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