Introduction to Oracle databare: beginner’s guide

· Dev & Design

ORACLE Introduction

Multimedia is the use of several media (e.g. text, audio,
graphics, animation, video) to convey information. Multimedia also refers to the
use of computer technology to create, store, and experience multimedia content.

In fine art it is a synonym for traditional mixed media as well as technological
new media (ArtLex, NWD). Multimedia is also a pleonasm as media is the plural of
medium, hence it is a double plural.

Technological Multimedia can be broadly divided into linear and non-linear.
Linear, like a film, plays without any navigation control for the viewer.
Non-linear offers interactivity.

The various formats of technological or digital multimedia
may be intended to enhance the viewer’s experience, for example to make it
easier and faster to convey information. Or in entertainment or art, to
transcend everday experience.

In 1965 the term Multi-media was used to describe the Exploding. Plastic.
Inevitable., a performance that combined live rock music, cinema, experimental
lighting and performance art.

Oracle Basics

To get a good understanding of the basics of Oracle, lets set out to do the
most basic operations that we would need to really utilize the database. These

  1. Create the database
  2. Connect to and start the database
  3. Create a table
  4. Add data to a table
  5. Create an index
  6. Query the table
  7. Create and Query a View
  8. Destroy objects
  9. Stop the database
  10. Destroy the database

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