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Award for bloggers: How they are given


Blog award A Blog award is an award for the best blog in a given category. Some blog awards are based on a public vote and others are based on a fixed set of criteria applied by a panel of judges. Various organizations have started blog awards with varying degrees of success. Some have become […]

Persons behind top blogs of the world and their earnings


We all know Blogging is a hobby and half of humans on internet have a blog. But do you know its becoming a serious business, more serious than you can ever imagine. Do you know that there are some bloggers in the world whose earnings sometime exceeds the earning capability of a large firm where thousands of […]

Copying posts from other blog: How to tackle this

Some blogger write their post by copying popular posts of other blogs.It has many impacts if someone copy from your blog.you are being put into the risk of losing your search engine rankings and page rank when people copy your blog content. In many cases, copied content from your blog will first get indexed into […]

Custom Domain Name: what is its importance in a blog?

When you create a free blog on blogger, you are been hosted in blogger but you are not having your own free domain. Let’s say for instance, you created a blog on blogger with the address as myblog, your blog address is automatically myblog.blogspot.com which is a sub-domain under the domain blogger.com. Do you get […]

Can I Blog Using A Mobile device?

Everyone that I have introduced about blogging often ask me ‘can I blog using mobile device? YES Why is it?You can from the written below here. Mobile’s Ability: You can create a new post to your blogger blog using a mobile phone You can make researches to improving your blog using a mobile phone You […]