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A tips to prepare health salads

Being careful about things you eat is important to keep your weight stable and protecting your health. Fast food might be cheap but it is not good for your health. You can prepare delicious and healthy salads at your home in a very short amount of time and keep your weight under control. In this […]

How to stay awake while working

The evolution of software technology and multinational companies have made it possible to provide job opportunities to many a number, but have you observed most of the people have to take up the night shifts and sacrifice their sweet sleep in order to uphold their job. It becomes all the more essential for them to […]

TV Affecting Kids’ Health

TV Affecting Kids’ Health The glow of a television or a computer is robbing children of sleep and potentially contributing to poor lifestyle habits and obesity. A Canadian study adds to the growing body of evidence that children’s sleep patterns are being adversely impacted by technology. The University of Alberta research surveyed 3,400 grade five […]