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What to do if your facebook account has reached 5000 limit friends

facebook 5000 friends club

Last week or so, i had some friend requests to confirm on my facebook account and the next message i saw was something relating to the fact that my account has exceeded the number of friends permitted, i either have to delete a friend or unlike a facebook page. I could understand what they were […]

11 Alternatives to Wikipedia.Org

Wikipedia is huge source of knowledge, you can find everything from food recipes to current events. It is like whole world is in the Wikipedia. But sometimes, information on Wikipedia is too little or unsatisfactory that you search for the information in other websites. So here I have compiled a list of top 10 sites […]

Most useful facebook tips

Social media channels, integration for businesses and going viral to promote yourself or your company’s services or products can be achieved through Facebook. The portal is a lot of things to a lot of people and everyone wants in on the platform, for a number of reasons and for a number of potential outcomes. Given […]

The best sites for online video sites

Whether you’re interested in watching movies online, uploading your own content or embedding them on your site, the following will be a guide to how to proceed in each of those circumstances. There are a lot of online streaming video sites, some very specific in their content, others that allow everyone to upload with nothing […]

Internet Browser Comparison

All browsers are free to download and use, so, because of this, it may seem a little improbable that there is an ongoing battle between developers to capture an increasingly higher percentage of the market. However, as always, there are financial reasons behind this fight. The browser with the most user base is able to […]